Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Just a few Birthday presents!

Just a quick one, I thought I would show a few of my Birthday presents from yesterday that I thought others may also enjoy (:


                                                                                          Tangle Teezer
I've been desperately wanting one of these for the longest time but never bothered buying one as to me I think their quite highly priced for what it actually is but anyhoo they are absolutely AMAZING! its so perfect for my hair as its really long (and badly damaged at the min :S) and gets so knotted up that a lot of the time I just give up on brushing it, I can honestly say I'm so thankful that someone bought me this its so easy to use and I don't have to feel like I'm litrally tackling the knots in my hair plus it makes my hair feel and look so so Smooth even my son loves it!

Britney Spears - Believe perfume
This smells gorgeous I am a known fan of Britney Spears's fragrances but this by far is my favorite, its not  over powering and it lasts for long over 24 hours with out having to respray. The bottle isn't like her usual girly bright coloured if not tacky looking bottles, I think this one is more sophisticated and subtle I can truly say I will be purchasing this once it runs out.

LYDC Nude and pink bow satchel
I saved the best till last, I'm so so so inlove with this bag I can't tell you enough its just me all over Bows and Pretty girlyness. It looks so much smaller from the outside than what it actually is on the inside plus it has a decent sized front pocket on the front so perfect for all my usual handbag contents. My Lovely mummykins surprised me with this after making me think I wouldn't be able to buy it as it went out of stock, I was so excited when she gave it me and to be honest I'm still excited now just to wear it out :D Its the most beautiful bag I have ever set eyes on it was love at first sight ;)

Thanks for reading! x

Birthday oufit

This was my outfit for last nights dinner out to celebrate my 20th Birthday 
Yep! I am no longer a teenager, get the tissues out!! :'( 
Since it's now feeling more like October weather than September I wanted to be cosyish but yet look dressy
and I am now proud to confess I'm a sucker for a jumper in these chilly times..
Most of the outfit is from Newlook I'm a bit obsessed with their clothing :D

Shell pink popcorn lightweight oversize top - Newlook.com - £14.99

Blue turn up denim look leggings - Newlook.com - £9.99

Tan chunky block heel ankle Boots - Newlook.com - £24.99

Gold chunky chain collar Necklace - Newlook.com - £5.99

Tan utility satchel - Newlook.com - £19.99

White string vest top - Selectfashion.co.uk - £3.99

Barry m strawberry milkshake lip gloss - Superdrug.com - £4.49

Barry m Strawberry ice cream nail polish - Superdrug.com - £2.99

Finished look

Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fake tan: Solaite bronzing lotion - Dark

It's that time of year again where we're waving Bye bye to our lovely summer glows and Hellooo! to autumn's pastie white complections..
Well for me I've decided I'm going to keep mine going all year round this year, so I've been searching for a good cheap self tan that doesn't run out to quick and isn't a pain to apply.

In my hunt I came across Superdrug's Solait range of self tans from lotions, mousses, wipes, sprays to creams. I chose the lotion as it had more choices of colours and had made a new shade of dark so I thought I would give it a go.

Solait bronzing lotion in Dark tan - £6.99
I didn't have high hopes as it was so cheap compared to most self tans plus it's my first time using a fake tan, I have had a spray tan in the past and I've also used gradual tanners which on their own didn't give me my desired look so hee hoo! That is how I've found myself trying this little bad boy..
For a cheap fake tan it was really surprising it did give me a instant bronzed look, it's fairly easy to rub into the skin and does make my skin feel quite soft. I applied it with the solait tanning mitt at night in a up and down stroking motion as I found circular motions make it harder to apply more than one coat But an extremelyyyy positive quality about this tan is that even if you apply it streaky once you've washed the colour guard off its all even everywhere, you do have to have a very good moisturizer and make sure you apply it every day as the tan gets very dry and crusty quick otherwise. 

For you animal lovers None of their products are tested on animals, also it is suitable for you vegetarians and vegans. It contains Aloe vera, glycerin and vitamin E which I love anything that has vitamin E in it as its great for my skin.

So for every up side there is a down, The down sides to solait tan is that it takes a while to sink in and is very sticky feeling which does irritate me ALOT! I end up walking around like a zombie, Also it tends to make me sweat a lot (Attractive I know ;)) I don't know why it's just the strangest thing plus it stains my clothes, bed sheets and my boyfriend when he decides to hog the bed!

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 9 September 2013


Day time dinner date...

This was my outfit for yesterday's dinner out with the other half,
I'm absolutely in love with this plummy wine colour and I surprisingly like these Baseballesc 
t-shirts their quite slimming which I didn't expect since most things at the min make me look like I'm smuggling a sack of potatoes, so I fully recommend these t-shirts to anyone and everyone! Everything I'm wearing in this picture is from Newlook.

Burgundy 23 baseball T-shirt - £12.99
Like I said above this is a very slimming top, I'm a big fan of the material which is slightly thin and stretchy 
that doesn't make you too hot or cold and feels very nice on the skin which is great because I don't know about other people but certain materials make me itch like mad. This top comes in many different colours Teal, Blue, Red, White, Black and Burgundy of course, the red and black t-shirts for some reason are only sold online Newlook.com

Wet look high waist leggings in Black - £12.99
These are seriously comfy I find them more comfortable than normal leggings to be honest and I love the smooth feeling of them, these also come in bright pink and Burgundy if you want to be a bit more daring.
I would deffo recommend these leggings for people that have had a baby or even just have that little muffin top that you want to hide as they are high waist which sucks it all in, they also give your bum a good little lift. ;)

Red and black Lace up trainers - £12.99
In the picture I didn't wear socks with the trainers which was a big mistake! as they rubbed quite a bit on my heal but they wasn't too bad. On the up side I do really like them I especially like that the sole is quite chunky and as I've already stated that I LOVEEE! The colour (: I think its flattering on any skin tone even on your feet ;) If you are going to purchase some of these then i recommend trying to loosen the back of the trainer which i actually don't know how to do :S so pleaseee give me some tips on that if you do it would be much appreciated..

Thanks for reading x