Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick Bacne tip!

Bacne Tip for people with long hair..
Just a quick tip today that I've only just figured out my self on how to help back acne disappear which is so obvious that I'm shocked that I haven't figured it out sooner! For most of you you've probably already clicked on to this little trick but for those of you that don't know just a simple tip of when you wash your hair in the shower as soon as you have finished put your hair up so it is off your back completely, then gently wash your back so that no residue of the shampoo or conditioner are left on the area that you get bacne but make sure what ever you wash with isn't perfume scented as that can lead in a bad reaction and you will just end up back at square one, Also when ever you have wet hair try to keep it off your back if you like to air dry it.

Thanks for reading!! x

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