Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Primark Goodies!

I am really impressed with primark's range at the minute as they have some
really gorgeous spring and summery stuff in and even the quality of their clothes has gotten a lot better since the last time I've took a visit there [which was years ago.] I have always been a big fan of their accessories and they have got some right beauties at the minute with amazing colours and styles.
These are the few accessories i have purchased...

This set was £2.00, i love that these could dress up any outfit for
day or night with the gold, silver and black shades plus i am a big fan of
pearls so the heart shaped pearls are perfect for me.

This is another example of my love for pastel colours and as they are a 
mixture of different pastels i can pretty much match them to any light coloured outfit 
to make it all summery (: These were £4.00.

Can't beat a bit of pastellll ;) these ones are gorgeous! i especially
love the roses and the pink bows to get me all girly and ready for summer
and plus they match my bracelets (:
these were also £2.00.

The good thing about primark is that you can find any accessories and match it to another
and its CHEAP!

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Tip for soft hair

This is just a quick one lovelys on a new thing i have been trying which i found on youtube,
For this tip for super soft hair you can use any conditioner at all it shouldn't make a difference.
So the tip ;)
wash your hair as you normally would but as you come to the conditioning part smother your hair in conditioner and do NOT wash it out straight away, put your hair up in a towel and leave it on for at least a hour you can leave it on longer if you wish i would recommend leaving it on longer if your hair is very dry and damaged. After the time is up thoroughly wash the conditioner out make sure you get it all as it will turn greasy otherwise, dry your hair and WALLAH! you will have gorgeously soft hair and even if you wash your hair again the next day with out conditioner your hair will still me smooth and soft.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Barry M nail polishes

Barry M: Gelly hi-shine - Prickly pear & Papaya//Normal Barry M- Strawberry ice cream// Pink flamingo// Raspberry// Bright purple// Nail effects - Black.

So i have only recently got into the barry M makeup line i was skeptical at first to try any of  the nail polishes because of how cheap they were i thought maybe they wouldn't last very long and chip easily... Boy! was i wrong i absolutely love them, their range of colours are beautiful and you can always find one that will go with an outfit such as for summer, spring, winter, daytime and night time.
I don't have a lot of the varnishes just yet but these are the ones i love so far.

Prickly pear & Papaya

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine - These are my newest additions to my collection, i initially thought that by the name ''Gelly'' that they would be a very goowy consistency and a sort of see through colour [if that makes sense] but that isn't the case as they are just the same as the normal polishes although they do feel thicker when on the nail then the normal polishes do and are a little bit runnier, they also take a few minutes more to start drying. For the hi-shine in my opinion i don't see a difference in shine at all they seem exactly the same as other nail polishes. These colours are great for spring and summer this year as all the pastel colours are in again but if thats not what your into then they also do dark and brighter shades in the gelly hi-shine polishes.

Strawberry ice cream & Pink flamingo

  1. These two shades are also great for summer especially the pink flamingo as it is a very bright pink with a sort of orangey under tone to it and goes well with either pink or coral coloured clothing/ accessories it could also pass with just one coat as it doesn't leave any visible nail. The strawberry i/c could also be warn for summer or even spring as it is a very pale pastel pink which literally does remind me of melted ice cream, this will need a few coats for it to look even but is fine as barry m doesn't take very long to dry.

Bright purple & Raspberry

These two colours are gorgeous for winter and night time, the raspberry polish is also another new addition to my collection and is one of my favorite colours at the minute as it is a dark wine shade with a pinkish tone to it which only takes one coat for it to look great although if your wanting it dark i suggest putting more than one coat on. I do like the bright purple but it isn't the colour that i thought it would be, its a very dark purple which i don't understand why they have called it ''bright'' and isn't very flattering to my skin tone but on the up side it does only take one coat just like the raspberry polish and both do not take long to dry.

Nail effects in Black.

I am a fan of this and i'm not at the same time as it does look great with neon coloured nails but as it makes the pattern its self it doesn't always end up great, sometimes it looks really neat as if you've done all the pattern yourself and other times its very gloopy looking and doesn't always separate to make the pattern.
You don't really have to wait for this to dry as if you blow on it you can see it working straight away, i personally think this looks AMAZING! on long nails especially just on the tips.

All these polishes were purchased from superdrug but are also sold at boots, both stores do alot of 3 for 2 offers on barry m but are only £3.99 on their own anyway. 

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Monday, 15 April 2013

War with bacne/acne

Got bacne? 
Well i have got two ways to keep bacne/acne at bay.
Both inexpensive and work a treat! get the sexy back you've always wanted.
Vosene- medicated shampoo// Neutrogena- Body clear body scrub 

Vosene medicated shampoo - Your probably thinking what the flip, but yes this medicated shampoo also treats acne. It is actually made for dandruff but using this in the shower [or bath] helps by drying the area that has the acne therefore making the pimples shrink and clear completely. you may not see progress straight away but be patient and use it on a daily basis. If you need to use it on your face make sure that you have a good moisturiser as your skin on your face will start to peel.
Vosene can be brought from nearly any store that sells shampoos, i purchased mine from wilkinsons for around £3.00.

Neutrogena body scrub - First off this isn't sold in the UK anymore but can be bought on amazon.co.uk as that is where i purchased mine, this one is more expensive than the vosene i got mine for £8.00 which includes the p&p. This one for bacne is my personal favorite as it doesn't leave me feeling itchy and tight plus it smells LOVELY! as it smells of grapefruit (: it also has beads that are great for getting right into the pores to get at all the dirt which leaves me feeling fresh and squeaky clean ;).
I recommend using this daily to start with and then using it every other day once bacne has cleared.

If you don't see any results just stick with it and WOLLAH! your'll be able to get those tank tops out, wear that bikini you wanted or even a backless dress.

Thanks for reading (: x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Plus white 5minute whitening gel!

Plus - white speed whitening gel// Tar tar control pre whitening rinse//mouth guard

I absolutely love white teeth but i definitely do not want to be spending a fortune,
That is why the plus white speed whitening gel is perfect! its easy to apply either with the mouth guard or simply with a cotton swab. It starts working as soon as you apply it and only takes 5 minutes, unless you have badly stained teeth than you keep it on for 15-20 minutes but it is still not a very long time. 
You will know when it is working because it turns into a white froth and it tingles just a little bit, if the tingling feels unbearable you probably shouldn't be using it as it does make teeth more sensitive.

One of the only problems i have with this is that if it comes into contact with your gums or lips it will burn them and i mean burn! It can make it agony to brush your teeth so for that i would recommend using the cotton swab to apply it with so you can go round each individual tooth.

Plus white can not be bought in the UK as it is a american brand [I think] 
so i got this from amazon.co.uk, the whole set was just over £8.00 but you can buy the speed whitening gel on its own for just over £6.00. Me personally do not think the mouth rinse does anything so i no longer use it, it also leaves me feeling really airy chested [Not hairy peopleee. ;)]
So tiddly peeps if your looking for a bargain get yourselves on amazon.co.uk and get them
pearly whites you desire! (:

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Castor oil for Sexy hair..

So every girl wants healthy shiny sexy hair, super long eyelashes and amazing eyebrows right??
well castor oil is the cheap and easy essential every girl must have in their lives.

Hollywood beauty castor oil with mink oil// Normal castor oil

Hollywood beauty castor oil: Even though it says oil it is actually a solid creamy substance but once into contact with the hair it turns into a oil. its very easy to apply and lasts absolutely ages i have had mine for about 8 months and still have more than half the tub left, it is not recommended to put it on your eyelashes but i do it works a treat apply it before you go to bed with a cotton swab, keep on over night then wash it off in the morning you will see great results as it leaves a light looking hair on the end of your natural lash. If your looking to grow out your eyebrows it does take a few days to see some sort of results but still is pretty good, to put it on the eyebrows do the same as on eyelashes and use a cotton swab it just makes it easier than using your fingers. For hair it is very hard to wash out but my lovely mummykins told me a way to get it out easier instead of using shampoo use washing up liquid as that is made to grip on to greasy things and clean it, but you still may need to wash it at least twice DO NOT use conditioner it reacts with the castor oil and will just make your hair greasy all over again.
I purchased this for around £4.00-£5.00 on amazon.co.uk.

Normal castor oil: This is also another purchase from amazon.co.uk, I have never used this on my hair only on my eyebrows and lashes i find it doesn't work as well as the hollywood beauty castor oil, it is not very easy to apply as it runs down the face and also into eyes so i wouldn't recommend using this on eyelashes. Maybe this one is meant for the hair only but i imagine it would be a lot harder to get out of the hair.
This castor oil is very inexpensive however runs out very quickly as it is a thick liquid.

Thanks for reading x

Stretch mark/ scar serums

So since having my son i have been trying different things to get rid of my stretch marks,
especially since summer is coming back around everyone wants to be bikini ready right?
Johnson's - skin perfecting oil//Palmer's - body butter//Bio oil.

Johnson's perfecting oil - This is a spray bottle which makes it so much harder to use once you have got it on your hands, however it does rub in very easily and doesn't leave you too greasy so doesn't feel unbearable when finished. It says you will see results after 4 weeks which personally i think is along time to see some sort of change. Also you have to use quite a lot just for one area as it doesn't spray much out at a time so it runs out quite quickly, i bought this for £12.00 which i don't think is worth it for the work it does.
I bought this at wilkinsons.

Palmer's body butter - This product comes in different types of bottles, i find the bottle with a pump much easier to use and to be less messy. The body butter is very thick and creamy which does make it a little hard to rub it in completely, however it smells GORGEOUSSS! This product is great for pregnant women as i used it while i was pregnant to prepare my skin for stretching i didn't get any stretch marks until i stopped using it [I got lazy :S] but it did get rid of ones i had before i was pregnant.
I've also found that when you sweat it starts to itch in the area you have applied it.
I think i paid just over £5.00 for this at morrisons.

Bio oil - I'm in loveeee with this product is so easy to apply and i see it working as so as I've rubbed it in, it does take alonggg time to sink into the skin which makes it uncomfortable to wear clothes so i recommend putting it on at night before bed. However the biggest down side is that it is expensive but at the same time it does last quite awhile, boots and superdrug both do a lot of offers on these so id also recommend that if you are thinking of purchasing bio oil that you search for offers.
I paid £20.00 for 2 of  these, it was 2 for 1 (: from boots.com

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