Monday, 15 April 2013

War with bacne/acne

Got bacne? 
Well i have got two ways to keep bacne/acne at bay.
Both inexpensive and work a treat! get the sexy back you've always wanted.
Vosene- medicated shampoo// Neutrogena- Body clear body scrub 

Vosene medicated shampoo - Your probably thinking what the flip, but yes this medicated shampoo also treats acne. It is actually made for dandruff but using this in the shower [or bath] helps by drying the area that has the acne therefore making the pimples shrink and clear completely. you may not see progress straight away but be patient and use it on a daily basis. If you need to use it on your face make sure that you have a good moisturiser as your skin on your face will start to peel.
Vosene can be brought from nearly any store that sells shampoos, i purchased mine from wilkinsons for around £3.00.

Neutrogena body scrub - First off this isn't sold in the UK anymore but can be bought on as that is where i purchased mine, this one is more expensive than the vosene i got mine for £8.00 which includes the p&p. This one for bacne is my personal favorite as it doesn't leave me feeling itchy and tight plus it smells LOVELY! as it smells of grapefruit (: it also has beads that are great for getting right into the pores to get at all the dirt which leaves me feeling fresh and squeaky clean ;).
I recommend using this daily to start with and then using it every other day once bacne has cleared.

If you don't see any results just stick with it and WOLLAH! your'll be able to get those tank tops out, wear that bikini you wanted or even a backless dress.

Thanks for reading (: x

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  1. Vosene contains Salicylic acid which traets dandruff, but like you say also treats acne, you will find it in a lot of acne treatment products. Much cheaper than a lot of the branded beauty products and it works.