Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stretch mark/ scar serums

So since having my son i have been trying different things to get rid of my stretch marks,
especially since summer is coming back around everyone wants to be bikini ready right?
Johnson's - skin perfecting oil//Palmer's - body butter//Bio oil.

Johnson's perfecting oil - This is a spray bottle which makes it so much harder to use once you have got it on your hands, however it does rub in very easily and doesn't leave you too greasy so doesn't feel unbearable when finished. It says you will see results after 4 weeks which personally i think is along time to see some sort of change. Also you have to use quite a lot just for one area as it doesn't spray much out at a time so it runs out quite quickly, i bought this for £12.00 which i don't think is worth it for the work it does.
I bought this at wilkinsons.

Palmer's body butter - This product comes in different types of bottles, i find the bottle with a pump much easier to use and to be less messy. The body butter is very thick and creamy which does make it a little hard to rub it in completely, however it smells GORGEOUSSS! This product is great for pregnant women as i used it while i was pregnant to prepare my skin for stretching i didn't get any stretch marks until i stopped using it [I got lazy :S] but it did get rid of ones i had before i was pregnant.
I've also found that when you sweat it starts to itch in the area you have applied it.
I think i paid just over £5.00 for this at morrisons.

Bio oil - I'm in loveeee with this product is so easy to apply and i see it working as so as I've rubbed it in, it does take alonggg time to sink into the skin which makes it uncomfortable to wear clothes so i recommend putting it on at night before bed. However the biggest down side is that it is expensive but at the same time it does last quite awhile, boots and superdrug both do a lot of offers on these so id also recommend that if you are thinking of purchasing bio oil that you search for offers.
I paid £20.00 for 2 of  these, it was 2 for 1 (: from

Thanks for reading x