Saturday, 13 April 2013

Castor oil for Sexy hair..

So every girl wants healthy shiny sexy hair, super long eyelashes and amazing eyebrows right??
well castor oil is the cheap and easy essential every girl must have in their lives.

Hollywood beauty castor oil with mink oil// Normal castor oil

Hollywood beauty castor oil: Even though it says oil it is actually a solid creamy substance but once into contact with the hair it turns into a oil. its very easy to apply and lasts absolutely ages i have had mine for about 8 months and still have more than half the tub left, it is not recommended to put it on your eyelashes but i do it works a treat apply it before you go to bed with a cotton swab, keep on over night then wash it off in the morning you will see great results as it leaves a light looking hair on the end of your natural lash. If your looking to grow out your eyebrows it does take a few days to see some sort of results but still is pretty good, to put it on the eyebrows do the same as on eyelashes and use a cotton swab it just makes it easier than using your fingers. For hair it is very hard to wash out but my lovely mummykins told me a way to get it out easier instead of using shampoo use washing up liquid as that is made to grip on to greasy things and clean it, but you still may need to wash it at least twice DO NOT use conditioner it reacts with the castor oil and will just make your hair greasy all over again.
I purchased this for around £4.00-£5.00 on

Normal castor oil: This is also another purchase from, I have never used this on my hair only on my eyebrows and lashes i find it doesn't work as well as the hollywood beauty castor oil, it is not very easy to apply as it runs down the face and also into eyes so i wouldn't recommend using this on eyelashes. Maybe this one is meant for the hair only but i imagine it would be a lot harder to get out of the hair.
This castor oil is very inexpensive however runs out very quickly as it is a thick liquid.

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