Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Primark Goodies!

I am really impressed with primark's range at the minute as they have some
really gorgeous spring and summery stuff in and even the quality of their clothes has gotten a lot better since the last time I've took a visit there [which was years ago.] I have always been a big fan of their accessories and they have got some right beauties at the minute with amazing colours and styles.
These are the few accessories i have purchased...

This set was £2.00, i love that these could dress up any outfit for
day or night with the gold, silver and black shades plus i am a big fan of
pearls so the heart shaped pearls are perfect for me.

This is another example of my love for pastel colours and as they are a 
mixture of different pastels i can pretty much match them to any light coloured outfit 
to make it all summery (: These were £4.00.

Can't beat a bit of pastellll ;) these ones are gorgeous! i especially
love the roses and the pink bows to get me all girly and ready for summer
and plus they match my bracelets (:
these were also £2.00.

The good thing about primark is that you can find any accessories and match it to another
and its CHEAP!

Thanks for reading (: x

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