Sunday, 14 April 2013

Plus white 5minute whitening gel!

Plus - white speed whitening gel// Tar tar control pre whitening rinse//mouth guard

I absolutely love white teeth but i definitely do not want to be spending a fortune,
That is why the plus white speed whitening gel is perfect! its easy to apply either with the mouth guard or simply with a cotton swab. It starts working as soon as you apply it and only takes 5 minutes, unless you have badly stained teeth than you keep it on for 15-20 minutes but it is still not a very long time. 
You will know when it is working because it turns into a white froth and it tingles just a little bit, if the tingling feels unbearable you probably shouldn't be using it as it does make teeth more sensitive.

One of the only problems i have with this is that if it comes into contact with your gums or lips it will burn them and i mean burn! It can make it agony to brush your teeth so for that i would recommend using the cotton swab to apply it with so you can go round each individual tooth.

Plus white can not be bought in the UK as it is a american brand [I think] 
so i got this from, the whole set was just over £8.00 but you can buy the speed whitening gel on its own for just over £6.00. Me personally do not think the mouth rinse does anything so i no longer use it, it also leaves me feeling really airy chested [Not hairy peopleee. ;)]
So tiddly peeps if your looking for a bargain get yourselves on and get them
pearly whites you desire! (:

Thanks for reading x

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