Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time Flys

 Today it has hit me like a big cold fish round the face how big my Baba is getting, first I receive a voice mail from one of the local schools telling me that he is now on the waiting list for nursery in January although that may seem a very small thing to some but to me it feels like hes packing his bags to leave for Uni or something!
I can't believe that in another 6 months I'll have a 3 year old on my hands, it feels like yesterday I was laying in a hospital bath screaming ''GIVE ME A ****ING EPIDURAL!'' I didn't find it funny at the time but looking back now how angry was I in labor haha!

Anyway on to the second reason for this post I was just looking through some of my son's first teddies from when he was born and I found this little thing..

 It literally made me emosh! (emotional) how cute and tiny is that, you don't realize just how big your child gets till you look back at the little iddy biddy stuff, this wouldn't even fit on his hand.
Look how small it is compared to his trainer sock from now..

I'm sure a lot of you will be thinking 'it's a sock?' I know its weird saying 'awww!' to a sock but how can you not when its so diddy and brings back memories. Its just so strange knowing at some point my son was that tiny, okay now I'm getting emotional just thinking about it soppy mummy moment :'(

Okay I've got a grip..
 I also found these little sockies that I loved cause they look like little trainers someone gave them us as a gift these ones I actually meant to keep unlike the sock I found up top, I like to keep some things from when he was a baby such as his favorite soft toys, toys he had teethed with and certain clothing. I just think its a lovely thing to do, to not only bring back good memories but to also share with them when their older so they can see just how small they were and maybe even pass them down to their children.

Sorry for this soppy post but I just had to share it with you..
Yay Babies!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

April Wish list!

Here is my list of things that have took my fancy so far this month..

1. St. Tropez tanning mousse in Dark - superdrug
I'm OBSESSED with being tanned although I am fairly new to the whole self tanning lark its only been about 6 months or so, I've seen a lot of positive reviews on st. tropez tans especially the dark ones although its very expensive to me anyway I am considering trying it as it does look very natural and a lovely dark colour.

2. Baby skin instant pore eraser - superdrug
I've been meaning to buy this since it 1st came out but for some reason I just keep forgetting, I have awful pores as when I was younger (12-13) when I first started wearing makeup I would sleep init grose I know! 
I've seen that this can just be worn on its own with out a foundation or bb cream and as its coming up to summer so I dont want to be wearing heavy makeup so Im hoping this works for me, I'll definitely be doing a review on this when I get round to purchasing it.. 

3. Hair xpertise argan oil - superdrug
This is more of a need than want item as my hair has been dyed so many times with so many different brands and colours of hair dye its now paying the price for it, the ends of my hair are now looking on the poodle side so I have been advised to use this product.. lets pray for my hair people!!

4. White strappy peep toe wedges - Newlook
I think wedges are a great way of making any outfit look fun and funky. I especially like the look of wearing frilly ankle socks with them I think they just look so cute, they remind me of when I was a little kid and my mum would forever put me in frilly ankle socks haha!

5. Rita Ora collection - Rimmel colour rush balm in make me blush & 60 seconds nail polish in lets get nude- superdrug
First off  I'm loving the names of the shades and for once I like every colour that is available, I chose Make me blush balm and lets get nude polish as for one I really love light, pale colours and they are great shades for spring and summer I'm hoping to be doing a swatch post on these very soon.

6. White leopard print purse - Dorothy Perkins
I think this is gorgeous its such a subtle leopard print its not all in your face aww its just beautiful, Absolutely love the shade that's all I can say!

7. Beige & white leopard print wing plate tote bag - Dorothy Perkins
Just like the above I'm in love with this bag, I usually only like either the bag or the purse when they match so for me to like both of these is a bonus. Its a great colour for spring and as I said before is very subtle.

8. Vaseline hand & nail lotion - superdrug
I don't know if other people find this but my hands get dry really easily and at the minute my nails are just so lousy and keep splitting, This vaseline lotion works for my sister so I'm hoping it will do the same for me and I'm also trying to look after my skin not just on my face but everywhere.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick Bacne tip!

Bacne Tip for people with long hair..
Just a quick tip today that I've only just figured out my self on how to help back acne disappear which is so obvious that I'm shocked that I haven't figured it out sooner! For most of you you've probably already clicked on to this little trick but for those of you that don't know just a simple tip of when you wash your hair in the shower as soon as you have finished put your hair up so it is off your back completely, then gently wash your back so that no residue of the shampoo or conditioner are left on the area that you get bacne but make sure what ever you wash with isn't perfume scented as that can lead in a bad reaction and you will just end up back at square one, Also when ever you have wet hair try to keep it off your back if you like to air dry it.

Thanks for reading!! x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Andrew Barton's Gloss Boss hair collection: Review

Every girl knows that winter time isn't the best time for our hair with the brutal cold sending our hair brittle, dry and mostly lifeless.
I'm always hunting for new hair care products to give the kiss of life back to my hair so I was super duper excited when I opened my presents to find Andrew Barton's hair collection on Christmas morning, I was expecting big big things from him as hes been in the hair business for many moons, But I was extremely let down so I thought I would share my hair experiences with these products with you!

Left to Right: Andrew Barton Style creme, No frizz shine serum, Big hair styling spray, Hot iron protection spray, Serious shine protection conditioner and shampoo.

Gloss boss style creme

Purpose: For beachy waves or a messed up look

Smell: The smell isn't unpleasant its very similar to the VO5 Hair putty.

Texture: A slightly thick creamy consistency only a 2p coin size (for long hair) is needed anymore can make your hair feel really sticky and greasy.

How to use: Apply a small amount on the palm of your hand and rub together like hand cream and work in to the ends of your hair.

My experience: It wasn't very useful on my hair, it was hard to style and made my hair feel very heavy, it wasn't good for creating a messy style although I have not tried it on wavy hair yet so maybe it would work a lot better if you style it a little first and then use the creme just to give it a helping hand for those of us that have naturally straight hair.

Would I recommend? I would recommend but to those who already have wavy or curly hair.

No frizz shine serum

Purpose: To add shine and seal dry split ends

Smell: I actually really like the smell of this as it smells of coconut and I loveees me some coconut!

Texture: It's quite thick for a hair serum its more of a gel type than runny like most other hair serums, it is still greasy feeling like most.

How to use: Put a small amount on the palm of your hand rub together then gently glide it through the ends of your hair.

My experience: I wasn't to disappointed with the serum it did make my hair smoother and my ends less dry but it didn't add any shine what so ever it also made my hair feel greasy although I only used the tiniest amount on the very ends of my hair.

Would I recommend? No I wouldn't recommend to anyone I much prefer tresemme smooth serum.

Big hair lifting spray

Purpose: To create big lifted hair

Smell: It has a very musky smell to it, i didn't find it very pleasant at all.

How to use: Spray on towel dried hair and tip hair upside down for more lift, using a brush and hair dryer.

My experience: It did give me slightly volumized hair although as soon as it touched my hair I could feel how dry and almost rough feeling it had made my hair it made it quite hard to brush as it made it knotted as well.

Would I recommend? No to dry feeling and smells awful.

Hot iron protection spray

Purpose: To protect hair against heat

Smell: Yet again I love the smell as its coconutty ;)

How to use: Spray evenly all over hair before applying heat

My experience: Like the Big hair lifting spray it made my hair extremely dry and my ends felt like they were going to drop off which I hate to say cause it makes my hair smell great!

Would I recommend? No!

Serious shine protection conditioner and shampoo

Purpose: To moisturize hair and seal hair cuticles to create shine. 

Smell: Very similar smell to most hair dyes not very nice.

How to use: Apply shampoo as normal then after rinsing apply the conditioner concentrating on the ends and use a wide tooth comb to spread evenly then leave for 1 minute and rinse.

My experience: Both felt awful on my hair straight away, the shampoo didn't even feel like it cleaned my hair, the conditioner did absolutely nothing i might as well not of bothered to put it on my hair both made my hair dry and knotted and added no shine at all and made my hair feel worse then ever.

Would I recommend? No way! the worst shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried.

As you can tell I wasn't overly impressed by any of the products I would definitely not recommend using most of these products as they feel more damaging than good, although if people still want to try them let me know how you went on with them they may work better on others these are just my hair experiences..

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Just a few Birthday presents!

Just a quick one, I thought I would show a few of my Birthday presents from yesterday that I thought others may also enjoy (:


                                                                                          Tangle Teezer
I've been desperately wanting one of these for the longest time but never bothered buying one as to me I think their quite highly priced for what it actually is but anyhoo they are absolutely AMAZING! its so perfect for my hair as its really long (and badly damaged at the min :S) and gets so knotted up that a lot of the time I just give up on brushing it, I can honestly say I'm so thankful that someone bought me this its so easy to use and I don't have to feel like I'm litrally tackling the knots in my hair plus it makes my hair feel and look so so Smooth even my son loves it!

Britney Spears - Believe perfume
This smells gorgeous I am a known fan of Britney Spears's fragrances but this by far is my favorite, its not  over powering and it lasts for long over 24 hours with out having to respray. The bottle isn't like her usual girly bright coloured if not tacky looking bottles, I think this one is more sophisticated and subtle I can truly say I will be purchasing this once it runs out.

LYDC Nude and pink bow satchel
I saved the best till last, I'm so so so inlove with this bag I can't tell you enough its just me all over Bows and Pretty girlyness. It looks so much smaller from the outside than what it actually is on the inside plus it has a decent sized front pocket on the front so perfect for all my usual handbag contents. My Lovely mummykins surprised me with this after making me think I wouldn't be able to buy it as it went out of stock, I was so excited when she gave it me and to be honest I'm still excited now just to wear it out :D Its the most beautiful bag I have ever set eyes on it was love at first sight ;)

Thanks for reading! x

Birthday oufit

This was my outfit for last nights dinner out to celebrate my 20th Birthday 
Yep! I am no longer a teenager, get the tissues out!! :'( 
Since it's now feeling more like October weather than September I wanted to be cosyish but yet look dressy
and I am now proud to confess I'm a sucker for a jumper in these chilly times..
Most of the outfit is from Newlook I'm a bit obsessed with their clothing :D

Shell pink popcorn lightweight oversize top - Newlook.com - £14.99

Blue turn up denim look leggings - Newlook.com - £9.99

Tan chunky block heel ankle Boots - Newlook.com - £24.99

Gold chunky chain collar Necklace - Newlook.com - £5.99

Tan utility satchel - Newlook.com - £19.99

White string vest top - Selectfashion.co.uk - £3.99

Barry m strawberry milkshake lip gloss - Superdrug.com - £4.49

Barry m Strawberry ice cream nail polish - Superdrug.com - £2.99

Finished look

Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fake tan: Solaite bronzing lotion - Dark

It's that time of year again where we're waving Bye bye to our lovely summer glows and Hellooo! to autumn's pastie white complections..
Well for me I've decided I'm going to keep mine going all year round this year, so I've been searching for a good cheap self tan that doesn't run out to quick and isn't a pain to apply.

In my hunt I came across Superdrug's Solait range of self tans from lotions, mousses, wipes, sprays to creams. I chose the lotion as it had more choices of colours and had made a new shade of dark so I thought I would give it a go.

Solait bronzing lotion in Dark tan - £6.99
I didn't have high hopes as it was so cheap compared to most self tans plus it's my first time using a fake tan, I have had a spray tan in the past and I've also used gradual tanners which on their own didn't give me my desired look so hee hoo! That is how I've found myself trying this little bad boy..
For a cheap fake tan it was really surprising it did give me a instant bronzed look, it's fairly easy to rub into the skin and does make my skin feel quite soft. I applied it with the solait tanning mitt at night in a up and down stroking motion as I found circular motions make it harder to apply more than one coat But an extremelyyyy positive quality about this tan is that even if you apply it streaky once you've washed the colour guard off its all even everywhere, you do have to have a very good moisturizer and make sure you apply it every day as the tan gets very dry and crusty quick otherwise. 

For you animal lovers None of their products are tested on animals, also it is suitable for you vegetarians and vegans. It contains Aloe vera, glycerin and vitamin E which I love anything that has vitamin E in it as its great for my skin.

So for every up side there is a down, The down sides to solait tan is that it takes a while to sink in and is very sticky feeling which does irritate me ALOT! I end up walking around like a zombie, Also it tends to make me sweat a lot (Attractive I know ;)) I don't know why it's just the strangest thing plus it stains my clothes, bed sheets and my boyfriend when he decides to hog the bed!

Thanks for reading x

Monday, 9 September 2013


Day time dinner date...

This was my outfit for yesterday's dinner out with the other half,
I'm absolutely in love with this plummy wine colour and I surprisingly like these Baseballesc 
t-shirts their quite slimming which I didn't expect since most things at the min make me look like I'm smuggling a sack of potatoes, so I fully recommend these t-shirts to anyone and everyone! Everything I'm wearing in this picture is from Newlook.

Burgundy 23 baseball T-shirt - £12.99
Like I said above this is a very slimming top, I'm a big fan of the material which is slightly thin and stretchy 
that doesn't make you too hot or cold and feels very nice on the skin which is great because I don't know about other people but certain materials make me itch like mad. This top comes in many different colours Teal, Blue, Red, White, Black and Burgundy of course, the red and black t-shirts for some reason are only sold online Newlook.com

Wet look high waist leggings in Black - £12.99
These are seriously comfy I find them more comfortable than normal leggings to be honest and I love the smooth feeling of them, these also come in bright pink and Burgundy if you want to be a bit more daring.
I would deffo recommend these leggings for people that have had a baby or even just have that little muffin top that you want to hide as they are high waist which sucks it all in, they also give your bum a good little lift. ;)

Red and black Lace up trainers - £12.99
In the picture I didn't wear socks with the trainers which was a big mistake! as they rubbed quite a bit on my heal but they wasn't too bad. On the up side I do really like them I especially like that the sole is quite chunky and as I've already stated that I LOVEEE! The colour (: I think its flattering on any skin tone even on your feet ;) If you are going to purchase some of these then i recommend trying to loosen the back of the trainer which i actually don't know how to do :S so pleaseee give me some tips on that if you do it would be much appreciated..

Thanks for reading x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Lip collection

Today I thought I would share my lip collection 
From lipsticks to lip glosses and lip balm...

In the picture there are..

VIVO diamond sparkle - Raspberry sorbet

BeautyUK - Retro lips

Cream puff moisturising lip cream - Powder puff

Nyx black label lipstick - Cherry

Nyx black label lipstick - Heather

Ny black label lipstick - Nude

Playboy lip gloss - Dark red

Vaseline Lip therapy petroleum jelly - Rosy Lips

Jemma Kidd Make up school - Light pink ( I don't know the actual shade name)

Colourmatix lip gloss - shimmer pink

Colourmatix Lipstick - Copper

Colourmatix Lipstick - Heather

Colourmatix Lipstick - Pretty pink

Colourmatix Lipstick - Red wine

Colourmatix Lipstick - Rouge red

Colourmatix Lipstick - Frosted fawn

Colourmatix Trio Lipgloss - CM045

Colourmatix Lip gloss - Clear

MUA - Shade 13

Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick - Pink blush

Barrym - Baby pink

Colourtrend - Read my lips

No7 High shine - Flirt

MUA Lip gloss - Shade 3

Revlon lip butter - Candy apple

Revlon lip butter - Strawberry shortcake

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold lipgloss - Body pop

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold lipgloss - Rock steady

Luna Cosmetics lipstick - Shade 3

Lasting colour lipstick - Bubblegum

Gold by Giles lipgloss - Ruby

Nivea Lip balm - Pearly shine

Barrym Super shine lip gloss - Flamingo pink (swatches below)

Barrym super shine lip gloss - Passion pink (swatches below)

Barrym lip gloss - Strawberry milkshake (swatches below)

17 mini Lip glosses came in a set and i don't know any of the shades :S i do know that they were from boots.

Thanks for reading (: x

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Out fit

First of all i would like to apologise for the background i was in a rush and couldn't find anywhere light enough to take a good picture.
Anyhoo this was my outfit for last night for my mother's 50th birthday bash. (:

Here's the list of the places and prices of everything i have on here..

Coral V-neck tribal layered Top- Newlook - £26.99
above is the link to the top so you can have a better look.

High waist black denim jeans- Boohoo.com - £25.00

Suede Court shoes- Newlook - £24.99

Black and gold studded clutch- Newlook - £12.99

Here's the makeup look..

I thought i would also show you the makeup look i wore and i will put the 
pictures below of the eyeshadows i used which mostly are not any brands but i thought you could find a close colour to them if you want to achieve this look, i will recommend using fluffy brushes so you can blend them all together well.

 First off i started with the light shade all over the lid to the brow bone
i then took a medium fluffy brush and applied the brown in the crease of my eyelid then fluffing it upwards.

I then took the light brown at the bottom on a small fluffy brush and applied it
in the bottom corner of the eyelid bringing it up to the middle of the crease buffing it out as well.
After this i applied the darker brown second from the top with a medium brush buffing this in the corner of the crease outwards.

Using the  bottom left brown and a big fluffy brush i buffed this all over the   
lid only to the middle of my eyelid and going over the other colours to blend.

Taking the big fluffy brush again i put this dark chocolate brown in the corners of my eyes
to make a more pointed corner, you don't need a lot of this.

Taking a medium brush again i took a tiny bit of the bottom purple and applied over all of the brown starting in the corner crease in wards and did the same with the pinky purple above but taking the tiniest bit unless you want it pink.

Last of all i took this pearly white shade by Bourjois and applied it to my inner corner
 of my eye up to the start of the blended brown and to my brown bone.

This is the make up i was wearing in the picture.

Bourjois eyeshadow in Blanc Diaphane - Boots - £6.49

Bourjois healthy mix concealer in clair - Superdrug - £7.49

Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory 100 - Superdrug - £8.99

MUA cover and conceal in fair - Superdrug - £1.50

Rimmel london stay matte pressed powder in transparent - Superdrug - £3.99

Barry m super shine lipgloss in flamingo pink - Superdrug - £3.99

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer in ivory - Boots - £4.49

Maybelline the colossal volume express 100% black -Superdrug -  £7.19

Eylure naturalites evening wear number 101 - Superdrug - £5.25

Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner black - Superdrug - £2.99

17 all about nude eye colour collection this was a gift so i don't know how much it was.

MUA blusher in shade 1 - Superdrug - £2.00

Revlon arabian glow bronzing pearls This was also a gift.

Nyx black label lipstick in nude - amazon.co.uk - £9.95

Cosmopolitan eyelash curler - amazon.co.uk - £6.95

Colourmatix highlighter/ shader duo 

Colourmatix eyeshadow in earth brown 

The colourmatix i got from college but they probably can be found online.

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 3 May 2013

John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder - Review

shampoo and conditioner...

I bought the John Frieda go blonder in hope that it would lighten the whole of my hair and make it all one colour fast after i had stripped it, it did make it closer to all one colour but didn't lighten as much as i wanted it to in one use at a time i will mention that i used it 5 times leaving the shampoo on for about 2-5mins and the conditioner on for over a hour but i had to stop using it as i had a bad reaction to the shampoo as it made my hands come up in a rash that was extremely dry, sore and itchy but it did nothing to my scalp other then make it abit dry which i found quite strange. For the consistency of the shampoo it is thicker than normal shampoos its kind of the same thickness as the conditioner, this is good as you don't have to use a lot as it foams up very easily so spreads quite nicely but makes my hair feel really dry after washing it out so i suggest leaving the conditioner in for a hour or more and applying quite a lot of it especially on the ends, which makes it better as it gives it more time to lighten the hair. both the conditioner and shampoo are a very florescent colour yellow and i can't really describe how they smell but they don't smell particularly nice i suppose its a little bit of a hair dye smell. I used these twice a day in the morning and before bed, it says to use it daily for best results and claims it has no peroxide in it but i think it must have at least a trace of it to lighten as well as it does.

These are my before and after using the shampoo and conditioner.

               Before                                                                     After

I'm just going to apologize for the quality of the before picture as it doesn't show the actually darkness of what my hair was, it was yellow at the top, dark and light orangy brown all over the place but as you can see on the after picture it all went the same colour which was a light orange but my roots were more of a blonder yellow [sorry if none of that made sense :S].

If you have tried John Frieda go blonder let me know your experiences..

 Thanks for reading x

Barry M Lip glosses with swatches..

So i am totally and utterly obsessed with lipgloss i can't leave the house with out it on, i have quite a big collection of lipglosses/lipsticks, but for today i thought id share with you my barry m ones as they are very inexpensive
and come in beautiful shades.
So lets get going...

These are my barry m lip glosses, i know not very many but these are 
the only colours that i liked for me and since its getting into the summer time i thought i would show some gorgeous summer colours (: so starting from left to right we have, Barry m super shine lipgloss 
in Passion pink, Flamingo pink and Barry m lipgloss in strawberry milkshake.

Flamingo pink
This is a very light pink colour with a slight tone of orange it only gives a 
Light tint of colour on the lips but can be made a little brighter by adding a few more coats of it on your lips
but adding to much can make it start to run onto your skin. I do love the super shine lip glosses as they do give a very nice shine and they stay on for quite a few hours before having to reapply even when having a drink the colour still lasts which is a big hit for me :D.

Passion pink
This one is my favorite barry m lip gloss at the moment and i will be investing in a new one as I've nearly finished this one(: i love it because its a very bright pink but not too over powering with a very pretty shine. I find that this one runs more than the flamingo pink i'm not sure why but maybe it is just because its a brighter colour so it makes it more noticeable :S the consistency of the super shine lip glosses are quite thick and gooey they also can be quite sticky depending on how much is applied.

Strawberry Milkshake
I am also a big fan of this pale pink shade it does have a very nice shine to it but not as much as the super shine lip glosses, it also gives a more solid colour to the lips [ if that makes sense] and it smells AMAZINGGG it reminds me of the sweets strawberry laces. The only few problems i have with this is that it makes the lines in my lips stand out more as it sinks into them and i find that it drys out my lips quicker than the super shine ones. 

I would like to know your opinions on the barry m lipglosses so leave a comment :)

Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Primark Goodies!

I am really impressed with primark's range at the minute as they have some
really gorgeous spring and summery stuff in and even the quality of their clothes has gotten a lot better since the last time I've took a visit there [which was years ago.] I have always been a big fan of their accessories and they have got some right beauties at the minute with amazing colours and styles.
These are the few accessories i have purchased...

This set was £2.00, i love that these could dress up any outfit for
day or night with the gold, silver and black shades plus i am a big fan of
pearls so the heart shaped pearls are perfect for me.

This is another example of my love for pastel colours and as they are a 
mixture of different pastels i can pretty much match them to any light coloured outfit 
to make it all summery (: These were £4.00.

Can't beat a bit of pastellll ;) these ones are gorgeous! i especially
love the roses and the pink bows to get me all girly and ready for summer
and plus they match my bracelets (:
these were also £2.00.

The good thing about primark is that you can find any accessories and match it to another
and its CHEAP!

Thanks for reading (: x

Tip for soft hair

This is just a quick one lovelys on a new thing i have been trying which i found on youtube,
For this tip for super soft hair you can use any conditioner at all it shouldn't make a difference.
So the tip ;)
wash your hair as you normally would but as you come to the conditioning part smother your hair in conditioner and do NOT wash it out straight away, put your hair up in a towel and leave it on for at least a hour you can leave it on longer if you wish i would recommend leaving it on longer if your hair is very dry and damaged. After the time is up thoroughly wash the conditioner out make sure you get it all as it will turn greasy otherwise, dry your hair and WALLAH! you will have gorgeously soft hair and even if you wash your hair again the next day with out conditioner your hair will still me smooth and soft.

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Barry M nail polishes

Barry M: Gelly hi-shine - Prickly pear & Papaya//Normal Barry M- Strawberry ice cream// Pink flamingo// Raspberry// Bright purple// Nail effects - Black.

So i have only recently got into the barry M makeup line i was skeptical at first to try any of  the nail polishes because of how cheap they were i thought maybe they wouldn't last very long and chip easily... Boy! was i wrong i absolutely love them, their range of colours are beautiful and you can always find one that will go with an outfit such as for summer, spring, winter, daytime and night time.
I don't have a lot of the varnishes just yet but these are the ones i love so far.

Prickly pear & Papaya

Barry M Gelly Hi-shine - These are my newest additions to my collection, i initially thought that by the name ''Gelly'' that they would be a very goowy consistency and a sort of see through colour [if that makes sense] but that isn't the case as they are just the same as the normal polishes although they do feel thicker when on the nail then the normal polishes do and are a little bit runnier, they also take a few minutes more to start drying. For the hi-shine in my opinion i don't see a difference in shine at all they seem exactly the same as other nail polishes. These colours are great for spring and summer this year as all the pastel colours are in again but if thats not what your into then they also do dark and brighter shades in the gelly hi-shine polishes.

Strawberry ice cream & Pink flamingo

  1. These two shades are also great for summer especially the pink flamingo as it is a very bright pink with a sort of orangey under tone to it and goes well with either pink or coral coloured clothing/ accessories it could also pass with just one coat as it doesn't leave any visible nail. The strawberry i/c could also be warn for summer or even spring as it is a very pale pastel pink which literally does remind me of melted ice cream, this will need a few coats for it to look even but is fine as barry m doesn't take very long to dry.

Bright purple & Raspberry

These two colours are gorgeous for winter and night time, the raspberry polish is also another new addition to my collection and is one of my favorite colours at the minute as it is a dark wine shade with a pinkish tone to it which only takes one coat for it to look great although if your wanting it dark i suggest putting more than one coat on. I do like the bright purple but it isn't the colour that i thought it would be, its a very dark purple which i don't understand why they have called it ''bright'' and isn't very flattering to my skin tone but on the up side it does only take one coat just like the raspberry polish and both do not take long to dry.

Nail effects in Black.

I am a fan of this and i'm not at the same time as it does look great with neon coloured nails but as it makes the pattern its self it doesn't always end up great, sometimes it looks really neat as if you've done all the pattern yourself and other times its very gloopy looking and doesn't always separate to make the pattern.
You don't really have to wait for this to dry as if you blow on it you can see it working straight away, i personally think this looks AMAZING! on long nails especially just on the tips.

All these polishes were purchased from superdrug but are also sold at boots, both stores do alot of 3 for 2 offers on barry m but are only £3.99 on their own anyway. 

Thanks for reading (: x

Monday, 15 April 2013

War with bacne/acne

Got bacne? 
Well i have got two ways to keep bacne/acne at bay.
Both inexpensive and work a treat! get the sexy back you've always wanted.
Vosene- medicated shampoo// Neutrogena- Body clear body scrub 

Vosene medicated shampoo - Your probably thinking what the flip, but yes this medicated shampoo also treats acne. It is actually made for dandruff but using this in the shower [or bath] helps by drying the area that has the acne therefore making the pimples shrink and clear completely. you may not see progress straight away but be patient and use it on a daily basis. If you need to use it on your face make sure that you have a good moisturiser as your skin on your face will start to peel.
Vosene can be brought from nearly any store that sells shampoos, i purchased mine from wilkinsons for around £3.00.

Neutrogena body scrub - First off this isn't sold in the UK anymore but can be bought on amazon.co.uk as that is where i purchased mine, this one is more expensive than the vosene i got mine for £8.00 which includes the p&p. This one for bacne is my personal favorite as it doesn't leave me feeling itchy and tight plus it smells LOVELY! as it smells of grapefruit (: it also has beads that are great for getting right into the pores to get at all the dirt which leaves me feeling fresh and squeaky clean ;).
I recommend using this daily to start with and then using it every other day once bacne has cleared.

If you don't see any results just stick with it and WOLLAH! your'll be able to get those tank tops out, wear that bikini you wanted or even a backless dress.

Thanks for reading (: x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Plus white 5minute whitening gel!

Plus - white speed whitening gel// Tar tar control pre whitening rinse//mouth guard

I absolutely love white teeth but i definitely do not want to be spending a fortune,
That is why the plus white speed whitening gel is perfect! its easy to apply either with the mouth guard or simply with a cotton swab. It starts working as soon as you apply it and only takes 5 minutes, unless you have badly stained teeth than you keep it on for 15-20 minutes but it is still not a very long time. 
You will know when it is working because it turns into a white froth and it tingles just a little bit, if the tingling feels unbearable you probably shouldn't be using it as it does make teeth more sensitive.

One of the only problems i have with this is that if it comes into contact with your gums or lips it will burn them and i mean burn! It can make it agony to brush your teeth so for that i would recommend using the cotton swab to apply it with so you can go round each individual tooth.

Plus white can not be bought in the UK as it is a american brand [I think] 
so i got this from amazon.co.uk, the whole set was just over £8.00 but you can buy the speed whitening gel on its own for just over £6.00. Me personally do not think the mouth rinse does anything so i no longer use it, it also leaves me feeling really airy chested [Not hairy peopleee. ;)]
So tiddly peeps if your looking for a bargain get yourselves on amazon.co.uk and get them
pearly whites you desire! (:

Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Castor oil for Sexy hair..

So every girl wants healthy shiny sexy hair, super long eyelashes and amazing eyebrows right??
well castor oil is the cheap and easy essential every girl must have in their lives.

Hollywood beauty castor oil with mink oil// Normal castor oil

Hollywood beauty castor oil: Even though it says oil it is actually a solid creamy substance but once into contact with the hair it turns into a oil. its very easy to apply and lasts absolutely ages i have had mine for about 8 months and still have more than half the tub left, it is not recommended to put it on your eyelashes but i do it works a treat apply it before you go to bed with a cotton swab, keep on over night then wash it off in the morning you will see great results as it leaves a light looking hair on the end of your natural lash. If your looking to grow out your eyebrows it does take a few days to see some sort of results but still is pretty good, to put it on the eyebrows do the same as on eyelashes and use a cotton swab it just makes it easier than using your fingers. For hair it is very hard to wash out but my lovely mummykins told me a way to get it out easier instead of using shampoo use washing up liquid as that is made to grip on to greasy things and clean it, but you still may need to wash it at least twice DO NOT use conditioner it reacts with the castor oil and will just make your hair greasy all over again.
I purchased this for around £4.00-£5.00 on amazon.co.uk.

Normal castor oil: This is also another purchase from amazon.co.uk, I have never used this on my hair only on my eyebrows and lashes i find it doesn't work as well as the hollywood beauty castor oil, it is not very easy to apply as it runs down the face and also into eyes so i wouldn't recommend using this on eyelashes. Maybe this one is meant for the hair only but i imagine it would be a lot harder to get out of the hair.
This castor oil is very inexpensive however runs out very quickly as it is a thick liquid.

Thanks for reading x