Friday, 3 May 2013

Barry M Lip glosses with swatches..

So i am totally and utterly obsessed with lipgloss i can't leave the house with out it on, i have quite a big collection of lipglosses/lipsticks, but for today i thought id share with you my barry m ones as they are very inexpensive
and come in beautiful shades.
So lets get going...

These are my barry m lip glosses, i know not very many but these are 
the only colours that i liked for me and since its getting into the summer time i thought i would show some gorgeous summer colours (: so starting from left to right we have, Barry m super shine lipgloss 
in Passion pink, Flamingo pink and Barry m lipgloss in strawberry milkshake.

Flamingo pink
This is a very light pink colour with a slight tone of orange it only gives a 
Light tint of colour on the lips but can be made a little brighter by adding a few more coats of it on your lips
but adding to much can make it start to run onto your skin. I do love the super shine lip glosses as they do give a very nice shine and they stay on for quite a few hours before having to reapply even when having a drink the colour still lasts which is a big hit for me :D.

Passion pink
This one is my favorite barry m lip gloss at the moment and i will be investing in a new one as I've nearly finished this one(: i love it because its a very bright pink but not too over powering with a very pretty shine. I find that this one runs more than the flamingo pink i'm not sure why but maybe it is just because its a brighter colour so it makes it more noticeable :S the consistency of the super shine lip glosses are quite thick and gooey they also can be quite sticky depending on how much is applied.

Strawberry Milkshake
I am also a big fan of this pale pink shade it does have a very nice shine to it but not as much as the super shine lip glosses, it also gives a more solid colour to the lips [ if that makes sense] and it smells AMAZINGGG it reminds me of the sweets strawberry laces. The only few problems i have with this is that it makes the lines in my lips stand out more as it sinks into them and i find that it drys out my lips quicker than the super shine ones. 

I would like to know your opinions on the barry m lipglosses so leave a comment :)

Thanks for reading x

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