Friday, 3 May 2013

John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder - Review

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I bought the John Frieda go blonder in hope that it would lighten the whole of my hair and make it all one colour fast after i had stripped it, it did make it closer to all one colour but didn't lighten as much as i wanted it to in one use at a time i will mention that i used it 5 times leaving the shampoo on for about 2-5mins and the conditioner on for over a hour but i had to stop using it as i had a bad reaction to the shampoo as it made my hands come up in a rash that was extremely dry, sore and itchy but it did nothing to my scalp other then make it abit dry which i found quite strange. For the consistency of the shampoo it is thicker than normal shampoos its kind of the same thickness as the conditioner, this is good as you don't have to use a lot as it foams up very easily so spreads quite nicely but makes my hair feel really dry after washing it out so i suggest leaving the conditioner in for a hour or more and applying quite a lot of it especially on the ends, which makes it better as it gives it more time to lighten the hair. both the conditioner and shampoo are a very florescent colour yellow and i can't really describe how they smell but they don't smell particularly nice i suppose its a little bit of a hair dye smell. I used these twice a day in the morning and before bed, it says to use it daily for best results and claims it has no peroxide in it but i think it must have at least a trace of it to lighten as well as it does.

These are my before and after using the shampoo and conditioner.

               Before                                                                     After

I'm just going to apologize for the quality of the before picture as it doesn't show the actually darkness of what my hair was, it was yellow at the top, dark and light orangy brown all over the place but as you can see on the after picture it all went the same colour which was a light orange but my roots were more of a blonder yellow [sorry if none of that made sense :S].

If you have tried John Frieda go blonder let me know your experiences..

 Thanks for reading x

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