Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fake tan: Solaite bronzing lotion - Dark

It's that time of year again where we're waving Bye bye to our lovely summer glows and Hellooo! to autumn's pastie white complections..
Well for me I've decided I'm going to keep mine going all year round this year, so I've been searching for a good cheap self tan that doesn't run out to quick and isn't a pain to apply.

In my hunt I came across Superdrug's Solait range of self tans from lotions, mousses, wipes, sprays to creams. I chose the lotion as it had more choices of colours and had made a new shade of dark so I thought I would give it a go.

Solait bronzing lotion in Dark tan - £6.99
I didn't have high hopes as it was so cheap compared to most self tans plus it's my first time using a fake tan, I have had a spray tan in the past and I've also used gradual tanners which on their own didn't give me my desired look so hee hoo! That is how I've found myself trying this little bad boy..
For a cheap fake tan it was really surprising it did give me a instant bronzed look, it's fairly easy to rub into the skin and does make my skin feel quite soft. I applied it with the solait tanning mitt at night in a up and down stroking motion as I found circular motions make it harder to apply more than one coat But an extremelyyyy positive quality about this tan is that even if you apply it streaky once you've washed the colour guard off its all even everywhere, you do have to have a very good moisturizer and make sure you apply it every day as the tan gets very dry and crusty quick otherwise. 

For you animal lovers None of their products are tested on animals, also it is suitable for you vegetarians and vegans. It contains Aloe vera, glycerin and vitamin E which I love anything that has vitamin E in it as its great for my skin.

So for every up side there is a down, The down sides to solait tan is that it takes a while to sink in and is very sticky feeling which does irritate me ALOT! I end up walking around like a zombie, Also it tends to make me sweat a lot (Attractive I know ;)) I don't know why it's just the strangest thing plus it stains my clothes, bed sheets and my boyfriend when he decides to hog the bed!

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